The Night of the Taranta

La notte della Taranta Melpignano Salento Puglia

The Night of the Taranta

Throughout August

The “Night of the Taranta” is a popolar music festival which focuses on and enhances the traditional music of Salento, creating a fusion between the various musical styles which range from rock to symfonic music. This festival is held in various squares of Salento throughout the entire month of August, ending on the last Saturday with an enormous final concert in Melpignano Lecce and sees as many as 100,000 excited lovers of music.

During the evening a popular orchestra performs with famous national and international artists. It is conducted by the concertmaster who presents a project based on the traditions of Salento creating a unique and timeless concert which is different from year to year.

Taranta Night to melpignano Salento

...the "pizzica pizzica"

This event brings to life the typical music of this region, the “Pizzica”, a dance whose roots go as far back as the ancient rituals of healing of the Taranta ( a small spider which appeared during the harvest and bit or pinched only the women), its bite caused a state of shock and general discomfort and they would only wake up on hearing the music.

With the passing of time, this story became a myth, this myth became a legend and its cultural heritage till modern day has remained steadfast in the musical representation of the “Pizzica, Pizzica” or the “Taranta”.

night of the taranta in Melpignano (notte della taranta a Melpignano)

Nevertheless, the Night of the Taranta is not only an occasion to go wild to the rhythm of the traditional dance of Salento, but above all it’s a moment to taste and discover unique dishes from hundreds of stalls which crowd Melpignano during this feast.

If you want to experience the real, authentic Salento, made of emotions, music and laughter…Then, the Night of the Taranta should not be missed.

PUGLIA EXPLORATION offers this unique experience to relive these events and localities, whether it be for just a weekend or as a complete package holiday of your dreams to discover this marvellous unspoilt land. 

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