The Night of Lights in Scorrano

The Night of Lights in Scorrano Salento Puglia

The Night of Lights in Scorrano

From 5th to 9th July

This spectacular event in Puglia is in honour of Saint Domenica (Patron Saint of Scorrano) where this usually quiet town is transformed by an extraordinary event admired by both locals and visitors worldwide.

As time goes by, this celebration has gained more notoriety in such a way that it has become one of the highlights amongst summer events in Puglia.

The uniqueness of this festival are the monumentals and scenography illuminations which transform this village into a spectacular attraction. Craftsmen and experts painstakingly create this imponent structure every year with passion and dedication.Thousands of coloured lights reproduce some of the most famous monuments in the world.

...the lights are switched on

The jewel in the crown of this entire event is the moment the lights are switched on, periodically flashing in time with the music and pyrotechnic fireworks, giving an unforgettable show for thousands of locals and tourists who gather together from all regions of Italy and overseas.

Large crowds gather along the streets and in squares in this tiny village in Salento to admire the monumental architecture of lights.

It goes without saying that the extraordinary local foods and wines top off this unique feast, leaving the crowds enchanted in front of these imponents illuminations. This unique event has earned Scorrano the title of the World Capital of Illuminations.

festa luminarie scorrano salento puglia

There isn’t a celebration in Salento where the atmosphere oozes with such a fairytale like experience and its extraordinary artistic decorations.

PUGLIA EXPLORATION offers this unique experience to relive these events and localities, whether it be for just a weekend or as a complete package holiday of your dreams to discover this marvellous unspoilt land. 

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