The Dunes of Campomarino

Campomarino dune

The Dunes of Campomarino

Amongst the most desired destinations in Puglia, there is a locality which not everyone knows about. This stretch of rocky coast, easily reachable and ideal for a relaxing holiday, less frequented and is located in one of the most fascinating and uncontaminated places in Southern Italy.

The Dunes of Campomarino “A prime example of uncontaminated nature”. This enchanted place offers scenarios of rare beauty encasing the green of the Mediterranean landscape and the intense blueness of the sea.Tourists and locals are enchanted by this area, both for the wonderful uncontaminated sea and for the majestic dunes which frame this important marine environment.

Dune Campomarino

The Dunes of Campomarino

This stretch of coast is an “environmental heritage of inestimable value”. 
The dunes going back thousands of years, with an area of ​​about 41 hectares and a height of 12 metres located a few metres from the beach. They have formed a fabulous, natural environment together with the Mediterranean vegetation.

This corner of land has a strong geological and naturalistic importance. The exposure of the Dunes of Campomarino has allowed the creation of a natural habitat made up of biotypes which cannot be found elsewhere.

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It is a stretch of coast for the adventurous and well organised for spending a day immersed in contemplating one of the most pristine places in Puglia. Furthermore, the beauty of the seabed and the wonderful marine environment are ideal for organising breathtaking dives where you will experience various marine species.

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