Team Building for Incentive events

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Team Building for Incentive events

Training and incentive activities in the company are increasingly widespread.
Team building involves a set of activities to be carried out with groups of company employees to improve communication and teamwork dynamics.
There is no lack of facilities or equipment. The landscape beauties of Puglia are the perfect setting for an event that goes straight towards the desired goal with the aim of improving the functioning of a group.

This is an overview of training activities for companies:

It is possible to organize a regatta with different boats departing from the Port of Gallipoli, Leuca or any other port in Puglia. The various groups are assisted on the boat by the Skipper and crew members if necessary. Participants will be able, based on the number, to be divided into several teams and follow a predefined itinerary with the help of only the wind. The limited space available on the boat will increase the team spirit and collaboration between the participants.

Discover the thrill of a unique team building event, letting your collaborators experience the thrill of driving a vintage car. Becoming a driver is every child’s dream and you can be one for a day with our regularity races or simply enjoying the wonderful landscapes of the tours organized in this sun-kissed land.

It is an unusual and particularly effective way of stimulating group engagement in ways coherent with the dynamics of a company and not those of a sommelier.

Tradition, culture, conviviality, friendship, art, well-being… there are so many words and emotions that are linked to wine. This team building event is to be experienced in an Apulian winery and is based on our 5 senses (smell, taste, hearing, throat, touch).

From the liberation dance of the tarantolate, the Pizzica has now become an independent musical genre with crowds of admirers.

Mythical is the story of the girl bitten by a spider in the suffocating heat of the harvest. The poison could only be expelled from the body through a dance unbridled to the ever more pressing rhythm of tambourines and violins with their repetitive and hypnotic verses.
At the end of the lessons each team will have to give a small performance, accompanied by a well-known musical group from Pizzica del Salento.

In the Apulian tradition, the preparation of  “homemade pasta” represents a real ritual that unites entire families, handing down the passion and secrets from generation to generation.

Our desire is to continue to pass on this passion but above all to make our ancient traditions known and give you an authentic experience.

Through the coordination and the relationship between experts in the Travel Sector and experts in the human resources, consulting and training sector, we have organised successful “Team building in Puglia” events for your companies and your collaborators.

Air Soft is a playful-recreational activity based on the simulation of military tactics. It has been used for many years for its strategic-simulative approach as a problem-solving activity in corporate training. Knowing and collaborating with the people who work alongside you, recognizing their possible emotional influences, becomes fundamental for the achievement of a common goal for a group.

An exciting activity that will give all participants the chance to savor the flavors and hardship of the countryside; each team will have to face tests inspired by the daily life on a farm, to discover the trades of the past. At the end of each test, each team will have to nominate and eliminate a member of their group. Work …

strength … self-denial … these are the values that inspire a true farmer … and these are the values that will lead a team to victory!

In this case, it is more than a competition, the group will participate in a day of researching the cetaceans present in the Ionian Sea. Together with marine biologists, using a hydrophone, you will listen to the sounds of the dolphins. With photo identification you will study the specimen and discover that their dorsal fin is the equivalent to human fingerprints. All the environmental assessment data collected will then be transmitted to the Obis-Seamap (Ocean Biogeographic Information System).

Sport – recreational fishing trip departing from Otranto or Gallipoli and accompanied by an expert instructor certified by IGFA, (international body for sport fishing) along the Salento coast. The pleasure of knowing the techniques and secrets of sport fishing, but above all of spending a day on a boat in contact with the sea of Salento in search of Dentex, Amberjack, Grouper, giant red tuna. The expert instructor will help you experience an exciting sport fishing trip while respecting ethics and passion for the sea.

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