Saint Rocco Locorotondo: the nights of fireworks

Locorotondo La Notte dei fuochi Puglia Fireworks Night

Saint Rocco Locorotondo: the nights of fireworks

15th to 17th August

In the marvellous valley of Itria lies the tiny village of Locorotondo which celebrates  the Patron Saint of Montpellier (Protector of the Scourge of the Plague).

In view of the upcoming celebrations on 15th August, this tiny village displays local specialities ranging from the impressive, quirky illuminations to the gastronomic stalls bearing delicious local foods, satisfying the palates of the locals and tourists alike. An authentic, true to life celebration worthy of this characteristic breathtaking festival in Puglia.

La notte dei fuochi Fireworks Night Locorotondo Puglia

...a pyrotechnic competition

Typical of every Catholic ritual, this religious event is followed by a procession chanting to the music of local bands which pass through each and every street of one of the most beautiful ancient villages in Italy.

On the nights between 16th and 17th August, a pyrotechnic competition takes place as thousands of enthusiastic and expectant visitors gather from every corner of the world to experience this unique event. The contest, a bloodshed shootout, usually engages between three to four well known stokers, popular names in the art of southern pyrotechnics. They compete with each other until the last one standing receives a prize. The overwhelming, thunderous applause from the enormous crowd attributing their gratitude to the winners echoes through the air.

Picture from lavaligiainviaggio by Pixabay

This is how the Valley of Itria has become the most striking background for a bright and sparkling show enjoyed in the open countryside amongst the Trulli and drystone walls. 

An event which has now become a renowned date to remember in the Valley of Itria, for the locals, nearby towns and counties, not to mention the tourists who join this unique event which remains forever stamped in their memory.

PUGLIA EXPLORATION offers this unique experience to relive these events and localities, whether it be for just a weekend or as a complete package holiday of your dreams to discover this marvellous unspoilt land. 

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