Ciolo's Bridge

Apulia, Leuca, Grotto of Ciolo - Country road bridge of Grotto Ciolo

Ciolo's Bridge

Baia del Ciolo is a small location on the Adriatic coast just a few minutes from the Capo di Santa Maria di Leuca. Here are two rock spurs which let in the sea and are joined by an imposing bridge about 40 metres high. It overlooks a truly unique natural area, a vast canyon created by the erosive action of the sea and the winds throughout the centuries.

It is a very suggestive place due to the presence of high rocks that drop sheer to the sea.
The spectacular colours of the water range from blue to intense green especially in summer. 
It has been a popular destination for extreme sport lovers for some time, such as diving.

Beautiful seascape at Ciolo Bridge, Apulia, Italy. Tilt-shift effect applied

Ponte del Ciolo

The whole area is dotted with sea caves which can only be reached by sea, testifying to the naturalistic and historical richness of this superb location. Amongst the other sea caves which arise near the Ciolo, the most famous is the Grotta Grande, also known as the Grotta degli Spiriti (Haunted Cave). A hundred metres long and thirty metres high where there is a  refreshing water lake.

Ciolo is also the starting point of several itineraries which include climbing and trekking along the suggestive gully. This is not only a summer destination for swimming and diving, but also throughout every season. In this fascinating Apulian location, it is in fact possible to dive into its deep blue waters and admire the variegated Mediterranean landscape.

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Certainly the most interesting way to reach the Ciolo Bridge is via a beautiful trekking route. For those who want to enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape, made up of varied scenery such as vineyards and rural dry stone walls. Just park the car in Gagliano del Capo and then continue towards one of the paths which leads to the majestic rocky inlet and the Ponte Ciolo overlooking the exciting  intensity of the Salento sea.

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