Pastry classes in Salento

Pastry classes in Salento Pasticciotto leccese Puglia

Pastry classes in Salento

The tradition of Salento sweets is very rich and for this reason it is important to pass it on and make as many people participate as possible. These delicious sweets deserve to continue to delight the palates of adults and children alike.  These Pastry classes will be beautiful and exciting as you will be able to experience this culinary journey and learn about the ingredients and traditional ways of preparing typical Salento sweets.

Pastry chef watching kids preparing pasticciotto leccese

Grandma's Pastry course in Masseria del Salento

Grandma’s sweets are by definition the best and most genuine ones and Salento pastries are no exception. 
We will venture, therefore, to make the renowned and famous pasticciotto leccese, made of shortcrust pastry and custard, the mustazzoli which are typical holiday cookies made of cocoa or lemon, as well as cartellate, fried sweets made of dried fruit and honey typically eaten at Christmas.

A Christmas sweet is also the characteristic purceddhuzzi (in Naples they are called “struffoli”), also made with honey and fried pastry, as well as zeppole and other sweets that are typical of Salento. 
It will be up to you to choose which ones you would like to make according to your tastes and willingness to taste them at the end of this exciting experience.  In this Pastry classes for beginners no previous knowledge is required, but merely a healthy curiosity and a good appetite for specialties adored by anyone who loves sweets.

Italian Zeppole pastry with cream

 The same grandmother’s cakes will also be the pretext to go back in time and learn all the secrets behind the goodness of these preparations, sometimes born by chance or necessity, but that have remained to represent unique flavors. 
The basic ingredients are, in fact, eggs, flour, sugar, butter and only the fillings and the decorations change, suitable to personal fantasy and manual ability in making particular shapes by working the dough. 
These sweets are sought after even outside Salento, as their goodness has now crossed regional borders, conquering even the most demanding palates. This intriguing Pastry course will take place in an exceptional location, such as a suggestive and typical Masseria of Salento of the 18th century, provided with a wide and equipped kitchen ideal for these preparations. It will also be a way to admire the renovation in original style of typical and suggestive buildings of our territory.

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