Locorotondo, Valle D'Itria


Locorotondo is a town in the province of Bari particularly known for its circular village.
The Borgo di Locorotondo enclosed in the ancient circular walls seems suspended between dream and reality, wedged in perfectly kept white, stone houses. The town is magically immersed in the Valle d’Itria and is part of what is now defined as the Land of Trulli.
On the top of the hill on which Locorotondo stands is the Villa Comunale, an obligatory stop in order to admire the expanse of century old olive trees and Trulli which make up the Valle d’Itria.

Back view of female tourist walking in old town Locorotondo


The beauty of Locorotondo lies in its marvellous historical centre. The village is in fact included amongst the most beautiful villages in Italy.
Its historic centre develops in a perfect circular shape, hence the name of the village, from the Latin Locus Rotundus, or “Round Place”. Many of the churches scattered throughout the city are white, which makes everything even more ethereal and fascinating.
Throughout its streets you can admire white houses which host terraces and balconies with colourful flowers and buildings characterised by pointed roofs called “Cummerse”.

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The history of the city is linked to the cult of San Rocco who upon freeing the town from the Plague in the 17th century was proclaimed Patron Saint of the city. In his honour, statues and churches were built in addition to the competition of “the Nights of Fireworks”.This is celebrated every year in mid August and attracts thousands of tourists for the occasion. Locorotondo now presents itself as a place with a truly magical atmosphere which takes its visitors back in time.
Amongst Trulli buildings, ancient farmhouses, small artisan shops and belvedere terraces, this town is a truly unique destination!

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