Gallipoli, also known as the “Pearl of Salento” lies on an island immersed in the Ionian Sea and is connected to the mainland by a characteristic bridge. The enviable beauty of this commercial port originates from the numerous invasions to which it was subjected leaving visible architectural traces.

View of Gallipoli old town and harbour, Puglia Region, South Italy


It is still possible to admire the vast historical and architectural heritage of Gallipoli walking through the streets of the old city. The historic centre of the city is characterised by the presence of numerous churches, ancient palaces and various buildings in the Baroque style. The island on which the old city stands is surrounded by a wall that originally extended for about two kilometres.
Crossing the bridge, you reach the last bastion of an ancient past, the Greco-Roman fountain which is the oldest in Italy. Entering the “new village” however, the transition to modernity is obvious by the “Skyscraper” located at the entrance to Corso Roma. the main area which divides the new city into two sections, known as the “Scirocco” and “Tramontana”.

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While the streets of the town centre are ideal for an aperitif or a cocktail after dinner, the Baia Verde area is where the most exclusive clubs in Italy are concentrated, such as Praja and Zen. The music continues to play even during the day on the Samsara Beach, a point of reference for all young people in Italy who organise spectacular beach parties.
Gallipoli boasts a coastline of about 20 km long with crystal clear waters. It is the perfect summer destination, suitable for families, but it is undoubtedly also one of the most popular destinations for young people looking for nightlife and entertainment!

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Gravina in Puglia
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