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Food and Wine in Puglia

As in all of Italy, people take food seriously in Apulia. From succulent seafood specialities to rich and creamy burrata, the fare in Apulia is any gourmet’s delight. Traditional recipes and the energising kick of fresh herbs and spices turn premium local ingredients into exquisite Mediterranean cuisine – and complement the rich selection of world-famous wines and superb olive oil.

Rich in flavour and balanced in nutrients, Apulian cuisine is the quintessential expression of the Mediterranean diet, which was listed in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2020. Simple seasonal foods and local products create mouth-watering dishes and specialties, the recipes for which have been passed down for generations.

What’s so special about Apulian foods and wines? Browse our insider selection of specialties and delicacies – and get ready to enjoy authentic Italian food like never before.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia

Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet – and the landscape and economy of Puglia has been shaped by this precious ingredient since the classical age. Vast olive groves bend over the countryside and stretch their branches towards the sea, while centuries-old underground olive oil mills preserve ancient traditions and know-how.

Puglia is the main production centre in Italy of extra virgin olive oil and is home to several indigenous olive cultivars with unique aromatic characteristics that have received Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Grown from a soil rich in nutrients, Apulian olives are still harvested and processed using traditional methods, which you can discover by visiting one of the many olive oil mills or by joining a delightful tasting session under the shade of luxuriant olive trees.
(Choose how to explore – find out more about Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting in Puglia.


Classic Frisella Extra Virgin Olive Oil Basil Tomatoes Puglia

Nicknamed “Italy’s barn” for its extensive wheat and grain cultivation, Puglia is famous for its baked goods. Crunchy taralli combine two of the region’s most typical ingredients – wheat flour and olive oil – to create delicious ring-shaped treats. Traditionally, savoury taralli are flavoured with local spices such as fennel seeds, black pepper, and anise seeds, while their sweet counterparts are sugar-glazed. As you walk down the streets of an Apulian town in the morning, the scent of taralli straight out of the oven is inebriating.

The friselle, or frise, are a special variety of flat twice-baked tarallo made with durum wheat flour. They’re traditionally served with food on top and were once a popular type of edible plate. Combine their simple yet distinctive flavour with the rich bouquet of local olive oil, fresh herbs, and tomatoes for a superb take on genuine Mediterranean ingredients.


Pasticciotto Leccese Pastry Salento

While the origins of the pasticciotto trace back to the15th century, this traditional oval pastry was popularised in the Salento region in the early 1900s. A typical makeshift dessert, the Apulian version of the pasticciotto was developed and perfected in the Lecce and Galatina area.

Made from shortcut pastry filled with lemon-flavoured custard, this mouth-watering breakfast treat is traditionally served warm. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee and your favourite morning read – or learn how to treat yourself and your friends with a cooking class at a traditional pastry workshop.
(Choose how to explore – find out more about Pastry classes in Salento.


Homemade Art Food Orecchiette Pasta Puglia

Genuine durum wheat orecchiette, savoury anchovies, tender turnip greens, the kick of garlic, and the crunch of breadcrumbs: this Apulian dish is a perfect mix of Mediterranean flavours and scents — and any gourmand’s delight.

Like most Apulian recipes, orecchiette with turnip greens turns everyday ingredients into a symphony of flavours. Today’s recipe follows the medieval original almost to the letter. Orecchiette is an Italian favourite of modest origins that has stood the test of time.
(Choose how to explore – find out more about Homemade fresh pasta.


Glass Red Wine Puglia

Apulia boasts several indigenous varieties of grapes, which are praised worldwide for their aromatic qualities. Among them, the versatile negroamaro stands out. Typical to the Salento region, negroamaro grapes are exclusively used to create deep, robust wines with rich earthy bouquets – such as the Salice Salentino DOC produced in the Lecce and Brindisi areas.

Primitivo di Manduria DOC is one of the most famous Apulian wines in the world. As the name aptly suggests, Primitivo grapes ripen early – and these precocious dark-skinned beauties produce deep-shaded, full-bodied wines with earthy and fruity notes.With excellent weather and ancient soil rich in nutrients, Puglia is a heavenly destination for wine connoisseurs. The region produces over 40 wines – each with its own history and peculiar bouquet – that have been awarded PDO, DOC, or DOCG status under Italian laws that protect Italy’s wine heritage.Spending an afternoon by an ancient vineyard while tasting premium wine straight from the source is one of those exquisitely Apulian experiences you’ll never forget.

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At Puglia Exploration, we’re proud of our heritage and passionate about sharing it. The foods and wines of Puglia aren’t just delicious and irresistible. They’re the essence of our culture.
There’s no better way to discover the genuine taste of Apulian cuisine than by getting advice from locals on the best places to dine and unwind. That’s why we partner with local tour operators to create bespoke package holidays and tours for wine lovers and food enthusiasts.
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With our Ancient Puglia tour, you can follow in the footsteps of Mycenaean Greeks as they expanded beyond the Aegean Sea to create what we now call Magna Graecia. Discover stunning mementos of the past, see how Apulian craftsmen still use ancient methods to create unique art, and make your Italian holiday wish come true.

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