Feast of Saint Orontius of Lecce

Feast of Saint Orontius of Lecce Puglia

Feast of Saint Orontius of Lecce

From 24th to 26th August

The Feast of St. Orontius takes place in Lecce and is definitely the most important and awaited event in the beautiful Baroque city which covers various events and manifestations, both religious /decor.

Born and bred in Salento in the first decades after the birth of Christ, St. Orontius is the well loved patron saint of Lecce as well as being the first Bishop of the city who according to the tradition was nominated by St. Peter and St. Paul.

Piazza S. Oronzo lecce Apulia

...the "Florence of the south"

Lecce is the cultural centrepiece of Salento and is amongst the most beautiful cities of art in southern Italy. Its ancient Messapian origins and archaelogical ruins dating back to the Romans intermingle with the riches of the Baroque exuberancy, typically 17th century from the churches to the central palaces. Known as the “Florence of the south“, Lecce astounds and fascinates tourists and vistors due to the emense, decorated feasts for the Patron Saint, an experience to live and difficult to forget.

The widely felt devotion from the faithful people of Lecce is expressed in the scenography and complex illuminations,street decor and in the striking pyrotechnic and musical shows which add to the authentic atmosphere of this highly popular event.

Since this event began, the St. Orontius event is renowned for its typical and traditional local dishes which include roasted first song cockerels.

Church Santa Croce Lecce Puglia

During this three day event the sound of numerous musical concerts and classical music orchestras fill the air with traditional music of Lecce. In addition to this, there are numerous initiatives such as fairgrounds which cover the entire length of the promenade (Via del Mare) whilst the pyrotechnic shows bring to a close this extraordinary event.

The Region of Puglia is renowned for organising these exclusive and unique events where traditions are closely replicated through time and typical foods and local wines contribute with their aromas and tastes which completely capture this culture full of tradition.

PUGLIA EXPLORATION offers this unique experience to relive these events and localities, whether it be for just a weekend or as a complete package holiday of your dreams to discover this marvellous unspoilt land.

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