Extra virgin Olive Oil Tasting in Puglia

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Extra virgin Olive Oil Tasting in Puglia

The first image that comes to mind when talking about Puglia and Salento are those splendid expanses of centuries-old olive trees, a symbol of Italian excellence in the world for the production of extra virgin olive oil. Discover with us an unforgettable experience, in an ancient Masseria, in the heart of Puglia “How extra virgin olive oil is made”.

The making of extra virgin Olive Oil in Puglia

Olive oil in Salento: history and modernity

Apulia boasts one of the best products of the sector, characterized by a strong and full-bodied taste capable of making even the simplest dish delicious, as well as having a particularly intense color with its many benefits. 
Our experience offers all enthusiasts the opportunity to visit a farm in the region rich in history and tradition, to understand how extra virgin olive oil is made, the production process, and how a high-quality product is created. 

First of all, we will proceed to the visit to the ancient oil mill Ipogeo, to learn about the millenary techniques handed down from generation to generation to ensure the correct pressing of olives. 
A person in charge of the visit will be able to explain how the plant has spread throughout the territory, tracing a map from the past until today.
You will then visit the new oil mill, where the innovative harvesting and milling techniques linked to the presence of modern machinery will be shown, illustrating each phase of production that leads to the creation of the final product of excellence.

mill for processing olives into extra virgin olive oil

The tour, lasting about 1 hour, will culminate in an extraordinary sensorial experience, which will allow you to taste different varieties of oil, made with the care and precision that only the best producers in the industry can provide. 
Each type of oil tasted will also be matched to a local product, in order to introduce the cuisine of the area that in any case does not need any particular presentation. The purpose of the visit, which can be organized with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 people at a time, to get the best experience, is to allow you to rediscover the passion for the land and its products, transporting them in a purely rural dimension with an archaic and traditional flavour. 

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