Puglia is enfolded in a magic atmosphere where the past marries the contemporaneity and keeps intact the ancient folklore and religious traditions.
Centuries of  enchanting history and landscapes are some of the wonders which render this location unique.

Region of Puglia is renowned for presenting events which are truly exclusive and unique and where traditions continue throughout time. Food and wine events better depict a culture full of tradition, contributing with their local aromas and tastes.

Let us plan Puglia holiday

We specialise in made-for-you tours and package holidays so you can enjoy your perfect Italian experience, your way. Brew your perfect holiday blend with a bespoke mix of cultural highlights, outdoor fun, and leisure. Need some inspiration for your upcoming Puglia holiday? Browse our top recommendations for adventure travellers, families, and adrenaline junkies.

Whether you’re in for indulgent wine tasting, exploring the ancient history of Puglia and its people, or posh dining by the sea, we have you covered. Tell us your desires and let our network of local partners plan your perfect stay – from start to finish.

Gravina in Puglia
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