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Cooking class

Amongst all the Italian regional cuisines, Salento’s is undoubtedly the Mediterranean cuisine par excellence. Precisely for this reason, it fascinates and surprises people with a whole universe of good and healthy things that are magically combined in a myriad of easily replicable recipes. We organize cooking classes for couples, cooking classes for kids accompanied by parents giving them a fascinating culinary experience, in which guests cook and eat together with local people who make them feel like family.

Below are some of the Cooking Classes most requested by our tourists that may give you more information:

Cooking classes in Salento will share traditional recipes offering a taste of their own culture through the flavours and history of each dish.

All our chefs are custodians of culinary traditions who share a passion for cooking and help guests from all over the world feel united by granting them access to unique places, local specialties, recipes as well as culinary secrets.

 Living an authentic culinary experience in Puglia is a unique opportunity for Mediterranean food lovers, a Cooking class suitable for couples, families, groups, and those with no experience in the kitchen, all while being surrounded by the ancient olive trees of Salento. 

Let us add a magical touch to your trip by suggesting a Cooking Class in Salento suitable for your needs. Feeling greedy? Why not take part in our pastry class? Do you want to discover the secrets to making homemade pasta? A Cooking class on fresh pasta organized and designed for you. Do not hesitate, contact us if you have any questions or request a quote for your ideal tour of Puglia.

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