Carnival of Putignano

Carnievale di Putignano Carnival Puglia

Carnival of Putignano

February to March

The Putignano Carnival is our flagship of cultural shows in Puglia and apart from being the longest, it’s said to be the oldest in Europe.

Continually renewing itself, it’s amongst the most important touristic destinations in Puglia attracting crowds worldwide. Commencing in February and following through to March as it comes to an end on Shrove Tuesday.

Around 100,000 excited visitors gather yearly, lining the streets of the ancient village to experience this spectacular procession of lifelike allegorical floats. Mainly influenced by groups of locals wearing themed masks amongst papier mache giants which are true works of art and which bring a touch of irony to the scenes, including events of national and international importance connected to politics, morals and present day news causing smiles and reflection.

Carnevale di Putignano Puglia

Picture from Salvatore Capotorto by Pixabay

...masters of Putignano

Art passed down by generations, forged throughout time and jealously guarded by the papier mache masters of Putignano, extraordinary protagonists who are driven by creativity, ingenuity and passion and who for decades have brought to life these famous papier mache giants.

Every procession lasts for over three hours and is followed by artistic animation and traditional music as it passes along the streets lined with excited onlookers who can admire this unique event..

Carnevale di Putignano Puglia

Picture from Salvatore Capotorto by Pixabay

The traditional mask of Putignano is the “Farinella” or jester who wears a costume depicting the symbols of the city and lends its name to an ancient dish which was eaten by the farmworkers as they worked the land.

PUGLIA EXPLORATION offers this unique experience to relive these events and localities, whether it be for just a weekend or as a complete package holiday of your dreams to discover this marvellous unspoilt land. 

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