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Boat Tour in Salento

8 days – 7 nights
Available from 1 June through 15 September

On board safe boats, accompanied by professional skippers, the tour takes place along the coast of Salento. Discover the most beautiful and picturesque bays of Salento and visit the many beaches with their white sandy beaches and coves that are only accessible by boat. 
A sailing holiday in Salento will give you the opportunity to discover the Ionian coast and the Adriatic coast in all its beauty and sights that you would never be able to see from the mainland.
It is difficult to put into words just how magnificent these coastlines are, which are among some of the most beautiful on the planet. It always leaves everyone speechless with its wild and imposing appearance. 
After all, the sea really makes people happy and a sailing holiday is the best experience to maximise its benefits.

Boat Tour in Salento


We will depart from Leuca heading towards the Ionian Sea, to show you the many sea caves of this stretch of coastline, dotted with many watchtowers scattered throughout the journey. We’ll visit places like Torre Vado, Marina di Pescoluse, Torre San Giovanni, Cala di volpe, known for the nesting place of sea turtles, till we arrive in Gallipoli, with its paradisiacal coves and inlets.

The following morning, we will set sail from Gallipoli to reveal the wonderful beaches of Rivabella and Lido Conchiglie until we reach the cliffs of Santa Maria al Bagno and Santa Caterina with the Montagna Spaccata and the Quattro Colonne. The tour will continue up to the Regional Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio – Palude del Capitano, 7 kilometrers of untouched coastline, featuring watchtowers and caves that have been occupied since the Paleolithic era, including the Cavallo and Capelvenere caves.

Each stage is previously agreed upon between the skipper and the passenger which leaves plenty of free time on the journey. There is the possibility, by means of a tender or during nights spent in the harbour, to go ashore to visit the place that will welcome us from time to time.

Back in Leuca, we will head towards the Adriatic Sea to get to know the gullies carved into the karst rocks that distinguish its coastline which has been shaped over the millennia by erosion caused by water. True natural masterpieces, able to constitute not only a landscape heritage, but also to be the faithful guardians of ancient civilisations that have populated these places since prehistoric times. The most remarkable are the Ciolo canal in Gagliano del Capo, the Rio canal in Marina Serra, the Acquaviva canal in Diso and the Cervi canal in Porto Badisco. We will get to know lovely seaside resorts, such as Tricase, the beautiful Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme, the wonderful Baia delle Orte with the Bauxite Quarry nearby, until we reach Otranto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

A boat trip that gives you the opportunity to experience the sea in all its aspects between wind, sun and the taste of brackish. Strong sensations for the scents that captivate you, for the colours that fascinate you. Leaving the breathtaking scenery engraved in your mind, the beautiful sunsets, the colour of the rocks, the innocent happiness that follows each dive into the water.

  • Bavaria 46 (4 cabins, 2 bathrooms) maximum 8 guests
  • Catamaran Adventura 36 (4 cabins with 4 bathrooms) maximum 8 guests 
  • Morgante 45 (3 cabins, 2 bathrooms) maximum 6 guests
  • Yacht 52 Asterion: 16.4 meters long, 4.9 wide can accommodate 6+2 per night
  • Mochi Craft 44 Fly: 14 meters long, 4 wide can accommodate 4+2 per night.
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*Every decision on board made by the skipper is indisputable to ensure safety. The skipper reserves the right to change or modify the route according to weather conditions.

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