Cityscape of Bari at sunset with Basilica of San Nicola and Romanesque Cathedral. Bari, Puglia, Italy. seafront city view from marina at night. Apulia region


Bari, a fascinating city overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the stops not to be missed during a trip to Puglia for its rich historical, architectural and gastronomic heritage.
Contended throughout its millennial history by the Romans, Byzantines and Normans, Bari still represents a strategic crossroads for the entire Mediterranean Basin. The city is still characterised today by a strong commercial vocation and is considered a natural bridge for traffic to the Middle East.


Divided into two parts, the Old City and the New. Bari preserves fascinating narrow and twisted alleys in the ancient, historic centre demonstrating numerous testimonies of the Medieval and Renaissance past. But, it is in the 19th century Murat District where the commercial vocation of the city is best expressed.
Walking through the narrow streets of Bari Vecchia, amongst white houses, hanging clothes and ancient shops, you will come across Via Arcobasso or Via Orecchiette. This is where the local ladies prepare the local, fresh pasta such as Orecchiette or Cavatelli according to ancient recipes and traditional methods. The grand Castello Svevo, crowned by towers and once a defensive manor, after which a Renaissance residence acts as the gateway to the Old City.

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Here, a stop at the Basilica of San Nicola is a must. It houses the relics of San Nicola di Myra. It was built towards the end of the 11th century and is now a religious building where both Christian and Orthodox rites are celebrated.
Walking through the historic centre of Bari, however, you will notice how the town is full of numerous other churches which demonstrate the deep faith of the inhabitants of the city.
Bari has the largest seafront in Italy which is embellished with majestic palaces and the sea breeze blows through the historic centre offering art, flavours and colours.

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