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Things to do in Puglia:

Are you longing for a slow holiday by the beach, far from the crowds and off the beaten track?
With 860 km of coastline touched by the blue waves of the Mediterranean, Puglia is the perfect destination.
Sail off for a day and relax in a secluded bay on the Isole Tremiti. Enjoy a romantic sunset over the pure whiteness of traditional trulli houses in Valle d’Itra. 
Lose yourself in the wild landscapes of the Salento area, or go all in for an energising mix of beach time and trekking in the macchia.
No matter how you experience it, Puglia is a place you’ll remember.

Dive into Apulia’s sea and nature

Inhabited since the Old Stone Age and once part of Magna Graecia, Puglia treasures many relics of centuries past – including several World Heritage Sites. Delve into history and spirituality at the Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo, with its imposing bell tower and superb Romanesque architecture. Travel back in time at the National Museum of Archaeology in Altamura, with findings dating to the Middle Palaeolithic. Stand in awe of intricate baroque landmarks juxtaposing the stunning remains of a Roman amphitheatre in Lecce. Be inspired by our insider selection of top places to see in Puglia and complement your perfect holiday with a touch of superb Italian arts.

Discover Puglia’s past and present

From succulent seafood specialties to rich and creamy burrata, Apulia is any gourmet’s delight. Traditional recipes exalt the qualities and flavours of local seasonal ingredients and specialties – many of which have been granted PDO, PGI or TSG status by the European Union. The energising kick of fresh herbs and spices turns prime ingredients into exquisite, authentic Mediterranean cuisine – and complements the rich depth of local wines, including the world-famous Primitivo di Manduria and Negroamaro. Wake up to the fragrance of Pane di Altamura straight out of the oven and dive into an inebriating world of natural aromas.

Explore Apulian food and wines

Blissful weather all year round, gorgeous ever-changing landscapes and an idyllic coastline with wild rocky reefs, golden-sand shores and breathtaking views of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas. Welcome to Puglia: your new favourite destination for adventure holidays and family-friendly excursions.
Discover Apulia’s unique ecosystems while hiking in the Gargano and Alta Murgia National Parks.
Enjoy surfing, sailing, snorkelling and swimming – or relax under the shade of centuries-old olive trees. Explore natural caves with majestic alabaster walls or indulge in a romantic horseback ride at sunset.

Get ready for adventure

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Wake up to the soul-soothing melody of wind and crickets. Enjoy a luxurious breakfast or brunch by a swimming pool overlooking the rock-ribbed Mediterranean and a glistening waterfront. Retreat to a cosy city apartment after a day of strolling and shopping. Or spend a night in a traditional trullo, tucked away in the pure atmosphere of centuries-old villages.

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